Streetheat stands for High End-Collection of neighbouring rights from Start-To-Finish and has over 35 years’ experience of collecting from all over the world, we combine innovative new technology and our direct relationships with over 30 collection societies enables us to pay significantly more to our clients. Our Neighbouring rights team has expert knowledge and long-established relationships with a lot of companies at source, so we collect directly to minimize society commissions and ensure all rights are administered and registered to the highest standard possible.
Due to the vast experienced and its day to day contact with our Neighbouring Rights Associations, ensures its statements are accurate and complete as possible. Streetheat Collect Team undertakes in-depth data analysis, and cross checks so that we maximize revenue & turnover of your Neighbouring Rights royalties.
Streetheat are only paid a commission when we collect royalties for you, so we have the same incentives. there are no hidden or upfront fees for our customers.
If you have any questions or quires pls e-mail us at info@streetheat.de or call directly to 49-2131-1515290